Search Marketing and Everything You Want to Know


Search marketing pertains to the creation of websites visible to the targeted traffic or site visitors who can become prospects in the future. For this reason, it is imperative for your website to stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to its offers as well as its feel and look in this world where people constantly search for all sorts and types of information online.

Search marketing is also a broad term which covers search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click search engine advertising with paid inclusion as well as direct navigation. Its primary goal is not only to reach the top of search engine results for this also targets online communities and the huge volume of traffic sites. This is also in charge of the traffic generating methods used on the site. This is also accessible on mobile phones aside from personal computers. 

Online search marketing is divided into two broad categories, namely paid search marketing and organic search marketing. 

Organic Search Marketing 

With the use of organic search marketing, you will be able to come up with a business website similar to those required by search engines to attain top rankings when potential clients search for the services or goods you sell. Techniques being used for reaching high score websites are called SEO or search engine optimization. SEO strategies can again be divided into off- and on-page strategies.

Off-page strategies – Strategies for off-page optimization is in charge of content marketing and social networking aside from other strategies which drive traffic to the website, thus improving your online presence. 

On-page strategies – The strategies for on-page optimization are done in your site content. These pertain to page linking, keyword density, hosting relevant content and others. 

Search engines are basically working based on the premise that popular websites with specifically high demand keywords are those which provide customers with exactly what they want. Among the numerous techniques being used for making websites more popular online is using one-way links or backlinks from other sites pointing to your website. To make the best out of backlinks for your website, the keyword should be used as anchor text that is clickable on other websites. 

Paid Search Marketing

The second major search marketing category is paid search marketing or also known as PPC or pay per click advertising. This doesn’t give much focus on SEO techniques in the same way that organic search marketing does for reaching the first page of search engine results. With this category, the client or advertiser puts up an ad which appears on results pages of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo every time someone inquires about specific keywords. This type of market is based on the principle that you put your bid on particular keywords so that every time someone looks for the keyword which coincides with your ads’ text, your ad will pop up. Once they click on your ad, they will then be taken to your squeeze page or sales page. 

Whatever search marketing method you choose, the main point here is to know how search marketing works. 

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