Understand Your Value

I’ve written about the curse of knowledge before.  An important sales implication of the curse is that selling organizations become increasingly committed to the belief that it’s the expertise and knowledge about the solution that separate competitors in buyers’ eyes.

There are two important points that contradict that belief:

Your customers are nowhere near as educated as we’d like to believe they are about their problems, so it’s virtually impossible that they’ll be able to:

  1. Truly understand your expertise and solutions, and
  2. Effectively compare the difference – and the value of that difference – between you and your competitors.
  3. When you’re focused on your expertise or solution you must overcome 2 huge barriers:
    1. You’re in a what’s it cost conversation, and
    2. Your competitors have expertise and solutions as well, and they’re probably pretty good too.

As a small, mid-market business, if your goal is to separate yourself from your competition, drive accelerated growth and expand your margins, you cannot do so by focusing on or attempting to differentiate your solutions.